Hybrid Cloud Backup: Ensuring Data Security

Hybrid cloud backup is a backup strategy that combines both on-premises and cloud-based storage solutions. With hybrid cloud backup, organizations can protect their critical data by creating backups both locally and in the cloud. This approach allows for greater flexibility and ensures data availability in the event of a disaster or data loss.  

Implementing Cybsecurity: A Checklist

When it comes to cybercrime, today’s small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are an easy target. Budgets and staffing are limited, and finding the right skilled people is difficult. Many opt to rely on a managed service provider (MSP) to administer their IT needs and keep their workloads and systems secure.  Download this report to lower the risk of a data breach and achieve better protection.

Acronis Midyear Cyberthreats Report 2022

This report represents a global outlook and is based on over 650,000 unique endpoints distributed around the world. The main focus here is on threats for Windows operating systems, as they are much more prevalent when compared with macOS. We will see how the situation develops and may include data on macOS threats in the next report, as there has been a recent spike in these threats.

Acronis Endpoint Protection Software Review

Read the latest review of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud's Endpoint Protection software.  Conducted by Info Tech and Software Reviews, this report encompasses Acronis' top features and capabilities along with a review of their customer support.  Being recognized in the Data Quadrant is an accomplishment and as Quadrant Champion, Acronis must be doing something right.  

How to Prevent Cybersecurity Attacks

IT preparedness requires an email-phishing education, creating a risk-aware culture within the workplace is critical to prevent your employees from becoming unknowingly complicit in cybercriminal activity. Remember, a data breach is statistically more likely to come from human negligence rather than a criminal hack.



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