Disaster Recovery as a Service

What would happen if your business couldn't recover fast enough from an outage?

The question is no longer IF your business will be impacted by disaster, but WHEN your business will be impacted. Data loss can be caused by ransomware, natural disasters, or simple human error and businesses today are all at risk of facing a disaster that can inflict a high risk to business operations. The implementation of a business continuity strategy has never been more necessary in order to minimize essential data loss, maximize productivity & efficiency, and ensure uptime.  

Net3's Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offers a variety of cost-effective ways to replicate and recover critical servers and data center infrastructure quickly and efficiently, minimizing loss and downtime.  Not every business is going to need to recover the same way, but Net3 has universal steps and actions that can be taken to better prepare for a DR event. 

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   Net3's Recovery Preparedness Program

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Small to medium size businesses are the perfect target of ransomware since they cannot afford the investments of security - accounting for 43% of all cyber attacks.  As the threat of ransomware continues to increase, it is essential for businesses to implement a strong Recovery Plan and secure common vulnerabilities to lower their risk of suffering from a cyber attack.  Poor planning and underlying weaknesses associated with applications and operating systems can expose a business to potential threats.  Because of this, we approach each disaster recovery plan through the 4 Pillar Approach.

4 Pillar Approach to Fast Recovery 

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• Tailored design services and consultations with cloud experts to determine the best technologies and support needed to execute the best DR model
• Customized DRaaS recovery playbook that documents all the process and procedures necessary

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• Net3 certified cloud experts configuring your environment to the exact specifications desired on a per application basis

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• Net3 cloud experts assisting you through the testing process
• Validation and documentation results

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• 24/7/365 Support Line for real time support at any given moment
• Dedicated team of cloud engineers for each customer

• First in class on-boarding support
• Real time disaster support

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Backup vs. Disaster Recovery

Backup is NOT disaster recovery.  This boils down to recovering from snapshots vs. recovering from replicated data.  Traditional backups, though useful, cannot capture every detail of every change with their snapshot technology. When a business recovers from data loss, data gaps can still leave some paralysis when trying to come back online.

For replication, you can retrieve your data almost instantly from the point of data loss. The replication software is continuously copying/mirroring (aka streaming) your data in a way that is directly understood by your environment (database, email server, etc.).   No translation is needed as it is for backups.  Restoring your environment takes seconds to minutes, depending on your data protection set up.

Backup vs. Replication: What's the difference and do you need both?

Measuring Downtime

Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) is the last point your applications can be recovered to. Essentially, your RPO indicates how much data your business can afford to lose. RPO's are critical to data loss, and it is suggested to determine RPO's on a per-application basis while aiming for the lowest RPO possible. It is important to note that while data loss is harmful to any business, the more critical data is to the continuation of normal business operations, the more crucial it becomes to have lower RPOs.  Here are some estimated revenue losses for different levels of RPO's:

Village of Pinecrest Chooses Net3 for Disaster Recovery 

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Discovering your Recovery Needs

Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) is the amount of time it will take your business to resume normal operations after an outage. Essentially, your RTO answers the question, "How much time do I need to restore after an outage?" The downtime that comes with data loss can result in significant revenue and productivity loss.

What is the RTO you need?


Daily Backups (RPO= 24 hours)   Revenue lost - up to $273,972.60
Snapshot-based replication   Revenue lost - up to $45, 662.10
Continuous Replication (RPO = seconds)   Revenue lost - up to $7,610.35

Benefits of Working with Net3's Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • Receive a dedicated team of Net3 Cloud Engineers through the length of your contract
  • Thorough on-boarding and training of backup products and features
  • Free, customized DR Runbook with Net3 assisted recovery plan
  • 2 Free DR tests per calendar year
  • Ability to spin up your environment in Net3's PvDC Cloud for disaster recovery
  • Unlimited transactions to and from PvDC Cloud at no additional cost

Our Mission for our Customers:

To be confident in all aspects of their business strategies.  To be confident in Net3 Technology.
To be overall, Cloud Confident.

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Don't let ransomware attacks, power outages, natural disasters, or simple human errors halt your business operations.  To have true business continuity, protect your business operations through Net3's Disaster Recovery of a Service.  Net3 works in conjunction with IT departments to have a thorough plan and ensure a smooth recovery processes. From Onboarding, training, and through the length of your contract, Net3 is available and ready to support your business needs.

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