Disaster Recovery as a Service   Disaster Recovery as a Service with Zerto

Disaster Recovery as a Service with Zerto
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Achieve IT Resilience.

Zerto converges disaster recovery, ransomware recovery, and multi-cloud mobility into a single software-only solution. Built-in orchestration and automation allows you to replicate to, from, and between on-premises and cloud environments and minimize downtime and data loss in the event of a disruption.

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What makes Zerto different from traditional backup? 

Zerto's always-on replication technology creates thousands of recovery points, just seconds apart, for granular recovery options. The near synchronous replication and unique journaling technology enables organizations to recover from any disruption, including ransomware, outages and more, with the lowest recovery point objectives (RPOs) and fastest recovery time objectives (RTOs) in the industry. Zerto's software-only solution ensures enterprise-class protection of your environment no matter the size. Read the comparison of Zerto vs. traditional backup.

Be Confident with Continuous Data Protection

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  • RPOs in seconds with RTOs in minutes
  • Ransomware recovery using granular        checkpoints
  • No snapshotting
  • Continuous data replication

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  • Intelligent dashboards to identify anomalies within networks, RPOs, SLAs or DR infrastructure
  • Combine real-time and historical data to build analysis

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           Cost Effective

  • No investments in offsite infrastructure
  • Pay on a consumption basis/monthly
  • No minimum VM requirement
  • No capital purchase requirement

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           One Platform

  • 24/7 infrastructure visibility
  • Converged DR, Backup and Cloud mobility - even across multi-clouds
  • Automated recovery and migration process

Reasons to Leverage Zerto with Net3 Technology

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Net3 Technology supports VMware environments

zerto page_lock wingsData encryption on the fly
and at rest

zerto page_BYOLDifferent licensing options: ECE monthly, site to site monthly, bring your own license options.

Do you know how much an IT outage could cost your business? Use our downtime calculator to measure the impact.

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Simplicity at Scale

Zerto allows IT teams for a fast installation and to be up and running in minutes. Demonstrated below, see the easy-to-use interface and how it offers centralized management and one experience, whether on-premises or in the cloud.  Full orchestration & automation removes manual processes, taking the pain out of DR operations. All of your recovery settings are configured up-front, such as boot order and re-IP failover, well before any disaster or other disruption occurs - creating a simple recovery process. Any member of your IT team can perform a recovery in just 3 clicks to easily recover files, VMs, applications or entire sites. Conduct test failovers at any time with zero impact on production or protection. 

Instant File and VM Restore

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Diversify your Data Protection with Net3's Cloud, PvDC

Gain confidence with target site diversification, while saving the time, money and resources required to maintain internal disaster recovery capability by utilizing our cloud, PvDC. With Net3, there’s no re-configuration of VM instances and no re-sizing VPGs for Zerto to connect to PvDC Cloud. Receive a bucket of resources and connect your data in a way that is easiest and makes the most sense. After a DR event, failing back to your On-Prem environment from PvDC is the same effort and time as failing into PvDC – it’s fast.  In most cases, this failover is faster than what an On Prem or 2nd DR site would provide. Create and utilize your own customized DR Runbook with your dedicated team of Net3 Cloud Engineers for quick and efficient recovery. With Net3, run 2 DR tests per calendar year for FREE.


Net3 DRaaS Service Offerings

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Thorough Onboarding and Training

Runbook 1 BaaS Benefits-03-03

Free Disaster Recovery Runbook

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Dedicated Team of Engineers

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Spin up in the cloud during a DR event

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24/7/365 US based Support

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2 Free DR Tests per Year

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Unlimited Transactions to PvDC


Net3 works in conjunction with IT departments to have a thorough plan and ensure a smooth recovery process. From onboarding, training, and through the length of your contract - Net3 is available and ready to support your business needs. Download this eBook to learn how DRaaS can support your business needs and goals. 

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SPS New England Case Study

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SPS New England Chooses Net3 Technology for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
Net3's DRaaS, powered by Zerto, enables leading bridge, highway, transit/railroad and marine contractors in Massachusetts to recover in increments of 5 seconds with a DR solution that's tailored to their business needs.