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Net3 Technology is a nationwide cloud provider that offers private cloud solutions for businesses to experience the freedom of choice, and ensure cloud confidence.


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Infrastructure as a Service

Net3 offers businesses the freedom of choice. Choose from east or west coast data center locations, customize the size and configuration of your environment, and consume resources without data lock-in.
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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Net3 offers a variety of cost-effective ways to backup, replicate, and recover critical servers and data center infrastructure quickly and efficiently, minimizing loss and downtime.
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Cloud Managed Services

Increased security, monitoring, and enhanced backup/DR. Net3's Cloud Managed Services are affordable, efficient, and dependable, so IT teams can focus on what matters most - your business.
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At Net3 Technology, you're not one of a million.  Your business is the one
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Net3's Private Cloud Services

About Net3 Technology

Going strong since 2009

Downtown Greenville

Net3 is a leading National Cloud Services Provider headquartered in Greenville, SC.

We work with customers nationwide offering customized cloud solutions, services, and support to meet each customer's unique business needs.  We own and operate a private cloud,  PvDC Cloud,  which has coast-to-coast locations, giving customers a choice of where they want their data to run and be protected. 

Net3's cloud solutions give businesses more flexibility than the competition, allowing them to consume server resources without data lock-in or being held hostage to their data.   Whether you intend to use the cloud for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Backup/DR, or Development, data portability, and transformation are key features of PvDC that allow our customers to excel in the cloud.

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Experience the freedom of choice and flexibility with Net3's Cloud, PvDC.  Net3's private virtual datacenter is a fully customizable tenant that allows you to run compute and networking resources in our cloud for up to 30 days.  No credit card is needed, and no obligation.

  • Spin up customizable templates for Windows or Linux servers.
  • Utilize catalogs to upload your own templates and ISO's.
  • Customize the deployed NSX Edge device to test internet facing applications.
  • Integrate your PvDC tenant with your on-premise networks.

IaaS Free 30 Day Trial

It's 2024.
Can you Acheive
Complete Restores?

Achieving your recovery goals is possible.  Ensure your data recovery is fast and complete, and achieve business continuity with Net3.

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Data Protection

Best-in-class solutions

Ransomware attacks, power outages, natural disasters, and simple human error are all common reasons for data loss. The only way to protect your business from losing critical data and the after-effects associated is to back up your data. Net3 works with IT departments to ensure smooth backup and recovery processes. From onboarding to training and through the length of your contract, Net3 is available and ready to support your business needs.

Net3 Backup  Net3 DRaaS


Data Protection
Cloud Managed Services
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Why should businesses outsource Data Protection?

Data protection is an essential aspect of running a business. With the increasing complexity of technology and the ever-growing amount of data, it's becoming more challenging for companies or IT teams to manage it independently.

Increase your data protection and security and reduce the stress, costs, and responsibilities with Net3's Managed Services for Data Protection.


Cloud Managed Services

What our clients say:

Very pleased with products and service!

logo_SPS New England
Keith Allen
IT Specialist

Everyone has been very professional and has gone out of their way to help with my questions.  Net3 has a great team!

BGO logo
Doug Marler
IT Admin

I know this stuff ain't easy - but you guys are truly skilled and dedicated professionals.

Evans Logo
Beau Crawford
IT Manager
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