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Microsoft O365 Backup

Complete protection of your O365 environment

Why backup Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is the go-to productivity solution for many organizations. But many business owners need to be aware that Microsoft does not provide full-fledged data protection for the Microsoft 365 applications their team relies on. Net3 Technology's Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 eliminates the risk of losing access and control over your Microsoft 365 data.

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O365 backup
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Backing up Microsoft 365 data is critical.

The reality is that while Microsoft provides infrastructure resilience, data protection remains your responsibility. And without third-party backup, sensitive business data such as emails or shared files stored in Microsoft 365 are not protected from the most common or most serious data loss issues, such as accidental deletions, malware attacks and more. Learn 7 critical reasons for Microsoft 365 backup.

Keep your Microsoft 365 data safe with our Microsoft 365 protection

Avoid data loss

Whether user error, intentional and unintentional file deletion or ransomware.

Stay compliant

Ensure regulatory compliance by keeping your data secure, easily recoverable and protected.

Optimize recovery

Reduce costly recovery times and ensure your business keeps running with fastest granular restore. 

Rest easy with complete Microsoft 365 protection for your business.

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Exchange Online

Protect emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, group mailboxes, archive mailbox calendars.


OneDrive for Business

Safeguard your organizations files and folders including all access permissions.


SharePoint Online

Secure site collections, team & communication sites and all access permission settings.


Microsoft Teams

Protect all data, including entire teams, channels, files, mailbox, email folders and messages, meetings, and team sites.

Still not sure if you need to protect your Microsoft 365 data?
Read this white paper for seven critical reasons why you should start Microsoft 365 backup right now!

Are you sure you have control of your Microsoft 365 data?

While Microsoft 365 provides a powerful array of services, a comprehensive backup of your data is not one of them. 

If you don't have Microsoft 365 backup in your arsenal, the damaging repercussions could be severe:

  • If you accidentally delete a user, that deletion is replicated across the network.
  • External threats, including malware, viruses, and ransomware, can put your company's reputation at risk and compromise internal and customer data.
  • Legal and compliance requirements mean that if you can't quickly retrieve emails, files, and other lost data, you could find your to do-list stuffed with big fines, penalties and legal disputes. 

With Net3 Technology's comprehensive backup for Microsoft 365, you can eliminate the risk of losing access and control over your Microsoft 365 data including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams - so that your critical productivity data is protected, secure, and accessible when you need it. Explore our solutions:


Don't leave your Microsoft data at risk: Leverage Net3

Every organization needs reliable, thorough backup protection for the Microsoft 365 systems they rely on. Services typically include:

  • Automatic protection of new M365 items
  • Granular restore in seconds
  • Quick backup search
  • Powerful status monitoring and reporting
  • Multi-level encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication support 


Net3 Technology Backup and Recovery Service Features

We can help your organization close the gaps that Microsoft 365 leaves their customers alone to address. We take a comprehensive look at the data, systems and apps you leverage to ensure you have the backup services required to keep you up and running. We can evaluate your current needs and offer a quote for leveraging our services. 

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Thorough Onboarding and Training

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Free Disaster Recovery Runbook

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Dedicated Team of Engineers

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Spin up in the cloud during a DR event

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24/7/365 US based Support

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Engineer Assisted DR Tests

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Unlimited Transactions to PvDC


A team of experts and a service you can trust

Our service team delivers the latest and most advanced capabilities to identify and minimize business risks and provides 24/7/365 protection against threats. Our business-focused collaborative service team tailors all your technology and security services to fit exactly to your business's needs. We put your business first and remain focused on your business goals .

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