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What would be the cost to your business if you lost your critical data?

Data loss results in both tangible damages (such as financial) and intangible damages (such as reputation) to your business. Any interruption can be costly, and the only way to protect your business from losing essential data is by backing up that data regularly and consistently.  Nothing is more critical to a business than the data, its systems, and the network that runs it.  Data protection software is ever-changing, but how to protect it has been a constant.  For best practices and effective recovery, businesses should employ the 3-2-1 Rule.

When you build out your backup and recovery strategy, keep at least three copies of your data.  The first copy is your on-premise, live data.  The second copy is your on-premise backup, stored on a separate storage medium.  And lastly, which makes this all complete, is the final copy stored off-premise at a second location.

Cloud Backup Checklist  



Backup as a Service

The Golden Rule of Backup.

When you build out your backup and recovery strategy you should keep at least 3 copies of your data.  The first copy is actually your on premise, live data.  The second copy is your on premise backup, stored on a separate storage medium.  And lastly, which makes this all complete, is the final copy stored off premise, at a second location.

Safeguard your Business

Protecting your business and it's data is important now more than ever.  In today's on-demand world, data protection is critical.  Imagine the impact if you lost a day's data, a week's data, or even a year's worth of data due to inadequate or infrequent backup process?  Implementing the 3-2-1 Backup Rule is critical, but there are additional actions that can be implemented to safeguard your business.

Backup Schedules

Regular and consistent backup schedules are different for every business that adapt to individual business needs over the course of time. Download this eBook and learn what to consider for a thorough backup schedule.

Immutable Storage

Backups contain sensitive data. With immutable storage, you are able to set a timeframe where the data is not able to be modified or deleted. Backups contain sensitive data - learn more about immutable storage in this Whitepaper.

Repeat Testing
Finding the time to test can be a challenge - especially if you don't have a separate test environment.  Test routinely in order to see if your recovery plan works without flaw. Without testing, you may never know if your recovery plan will work until you need it the most.

Backup Automation
There's nothing glamorous about a routine backup, but regardless of the feeling, you must perform daily, weekly and monthly backups.  Automating backups not only reduces human error, but give time back to employees to focus on other things.

It's important to protect anything that could go missing.  From entire servers full of business data to the PowerPoint deck you can't afford to lose, your backup and recovery solution needs to be able to protect everything that is important to the business and its employees.  If one system is left unprotected, it's probably the one that is going to go down - life is funny that way, right?  Your business relies on data accessibility, security, and safety to keep it going - and hopefully growing.  To ensure complete data protection, avoid common mistakes, and how find the best backup solution for your business, read our Ultimate Guide to Successful Backup.

  Net3's Ultimate Guide to Successful Backup 

Reduce Complexity with backups with cutting edge products paired with engineer expertise. 

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Out of all the backup solutions out there, Net3 has done its due diligence to find the best products on the market for superior data protection.  Better to present quality, than quantity.  Utilizing Acronis or Veeam, IT Departments can now remain in control of data and retention schedules.  With de-duplication and compression technologies, businesses can keep data footprints and costs as small as possible.  Net3 chose to partner with Acronis and Veeam due to their ability to backup a wide variety of platforms - including physical, virtual, cloud and mobile.  No matter where the data rests, how large it gets, or how you choose to move or access it, your businesses can have effective and reliable data copies.


Through modern backup and recovery technology, your business can avoid data loss from the latest malware attack, human error, and everything in between.  Knowing how crucial it is to safeguard a business' data, maintain business continuity, and keeping it affordable, Net3 has not only chosen the best products on the market, but have paired these solutions with the best customer support.

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We work closely with our clients to deliver the best data protection solution to meet your business’ needs. We consider things like what data is most critical to your business operations, the industry you work in, and the different levels of access needed for your account.  We have our clients leverage the best, high-availability solution for what they need, we create a perfectly tailored backup strategy and recovery plan to protect your business-critical data at all times.  You just focus on what you do best: your business.

City Reduces Spending & Risk by Choosing Net3 for Backup and Recovery 

Net3's Backup as a Service offerings for all customers:

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Thorough Onboarding and Training

Runbook 1 BaaS Benefits-03-03

Free Disaster Recovery Runbook

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Dedicated Team of Engineers

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Spin up in the Cloud during a DR event

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24/7/365 US based Support

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2 Free DR tests per
calendar year

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Unlimited Transactions to PvDC


Pricing does not have to affect the backup solution you choose.  To start, businesses only pay for utilized storage with Net3. Blocks of storage aren't sold and there is no prepay for estimations of you may consume over time.  Paying for backup at Net3 looks a lot like paying a utility bill.  Pay for consumed resources and scale your business as it grows.  Another advantage of working with Net3 is the alternative pricing models.  Buying superior backup solutions through Net3 are more affordable than buying direct.


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Benefits of Working with Net3's Backup as a Service

  • Receive a dedicated team of Net3 Cloud Engineers through the length of your contract
  • Thorough on-boarding and training of backup products and features
  • Net3 Engineer assistance with creating your customized backup plan/DR Runbook
  • 24/7/365 U.S. based support with Net3 Engineers that know your environment and recovery plan
  • Unlimited transactions to and from PvDC Cloud at no additional cost

Our Mission for our Customers

To be confident in all aspects of their business strategies.  To be confident in Net3 Technology.
To be overall, Cloud Confident.

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Ransomware attacks, power outages, natural disasters, and simple human error are all common reasons for data loss. The only way to really protect your business from losing critical data and the after affects associated, is to back up your data. Net3 works in conjunction with IT departments to ensure smooth backup and recovery processes. From Onboarding, training, and through the length of your contract, Net3 is available and ready to support your business needs.

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