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Veeam Cloud Backup

Veeam Cloud Backup is a robust solution that offers fast and flexible recovery for any size environment.  From the Enterprise to SMB's, Veeam's "always on" approach to data protection has proven to be very reliable.  As a leading cloud services provider, here is a true assessment of what to expect when choosing Veeam Backup & Replication to the Cloud.


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• Unlimited capacity for offsite data retention
• Leverage Object Storage/S3 for long term strategy for tiering of backups
• Customizable policies with backup schedule/frequency and retention rules
• Built in WAN accelerators for 50X faster backups

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• Secure On Site & Cloud backup storage
• AES-256 encryption of backups in transit and at rest
• Antivirus & intrusion prevention capabilities
• Automatically test & verify backups for recoverability

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• Rapid recovery from backup directly into Net3's PvDC Cloud
• Hosted self service management portal
• Full image and file-level backups
• Initial seeding and large scale recovery with physical shipping

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• Wide range of recovery options: physical, virtual and cloud recovery
• Entire machines, single files and folders, databases, O365 mailboxes, etc.
• Granular recovery with Veeam Explorers for Exchange, SQL, Active Directory, etc.

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Veeam Cloud Connect:

If you already own Veeam for onsite backup, it’s as simple as 1 click to do cloud backup with Net3 Technology. Through the customer’s Veeam console, just choose “Cloud Recovery” to start data backup to the cloud. No additional licenses necessary. Just pay for utilized storage in the cloud. Don’t already own Veeam? No problem. Just pay on a per vm basis and let Net3 Engineers get your backup plan up and running in 30 days or less.

Veeam Explorers really help with granular recovery and you can undo changes in minutes.

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Veeam is a very well-known backup product with over 80% of Fortune 500 companies trusting it as their backup solution. With complete control of your environment, it’s great that you make changes on the fly and test your backup plan at your convenience.

In the case of a DR “event”, be up and running on site in under 24 hours. If you’re looking for more business continuity, you have the convenience of spinning up your environment in Net3’s PvDC Cloud and run production.

If you any questions about Veeam Cloud Backup and how to successfully implement it into your Data Protection plan, then contact us today!

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