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Backup as a Service

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1st Copy is your production data set.
2nd Copy is your on-premise backup, stored on a separate storage medium.
3rd Copy is your replicated, on-premise backup to the cloud, stored off site.


Backups have traditionally been an enormous headache due to their complexity and strain they put on the network.  Net3’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) gives your IT team an incredible powerful, yet simple way to remove the pain associated with backups. 


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Net3’s BaaS allows you to scale your business as it grows.  De-duplication and compression technologies assist in keeping your data footprint and costs as small as possible and you remain in control of your data and your retention schedules.

Benefits of working with Net3’s Backup as a Service:

  • Each customer receives a dedicated team of Net3 Cloud Engineers through the length of their contract
  • Thorough on-boarding and training of backup products and features 
  • Net3 assistance with creating your customized backup plan/DR Runbook
  • 24/7/365 support with Net3 Cloud Engineers that know your environment & recovery plan
  • Ability to spin up your environment in Net3's PvDC Cloud for disaster recovery
  • Unlimited transactions to and from PvDC Cloud at no additional cost


Net3 offers alternative pricing compared to buying these backup products direct.
To receive a quote or see a demo specific to your environment, contact us today!

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