Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Running applications in the cloud has never been so easy.

The cloud is known to increase business efficiency, reduce infrastructure costs and mitigate risks, and IaaS is slowly but surely being adopted by SMBs around the United States.  Cloud computing gives businesses a variety of ways (cold storage, hybrid cloud, pure cloud, etc.) to run their business operations as they see fit and control their data.

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IaaS Page structure-01Not all applications need the same resources or requirements.  Customize a cloud compute environment that allows for business agility with different resource levels.  No more guesswork for needed infrastructure.

IaaS Page_optimization-02Choose specific performance requirements for each application and provide an optimal environment for transient workloads.  Delegate RPO's and RTO's to the instances and applications of your choice.

IaaS Page_cost-03The cloud allows for a pay as you go scenario.  Add, delete, or move resources without being locked into hardware that has already been paid.  This cost savings occurs if the cloud environment has been deployed correctly!

You don’t build a power plant to run the lights at your home.  You connect to the local power grid paying for what you consume when you consume it. Wouldn’t it be odd if you had to wait three weeks for the air to cut on in your house when you turned the dial on the thermostat? What if the power company wanted to charge you upfront for what you may use over the next three years? You wouldn’t put up with this model in your home, so why do you put up with it in your business?

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IaaS Utility

It’s not whether if you “should” move to the cloud or “when” you move to the cloud, but WHY. A vast majority of enterprises are already moving to the cloud, but for smaller enterprise environments, or the SMB, the question of “why” is still being asked. Here is a great 90 second video from the experts at Zerto that discusses the 3 main advantages as to WHY business should take advantage of the cloud:

5 Ways to Leverage the Cloud

Net3 IaaS Features and Benefits:


Pay as you grow pricing.


Secure multi-tenant


Auto-tiered storage.


Load balancing options for
high traffic servers.


RESTful API to enable
developer access.


Self managed DHCP, NAT,
and firewall services.


Built-in high availability
and fault tolerance.


Dynamic processor and
memory allocation.

logo_VMware vCloud Director

Powered by VMware, IaaS with Net3 offers freedom of choice.

IaaS with Net3 Technology


  • Increase Security
  • Boost Efficiency
  • Reduce Risk
  • Reduce Costs
Net3 developed and continues to maintain its own private cloud: PvDC.  Net3s Private Virtual Data Center offers businesses the freedom of choice:  Choose from East or West coast data center locations, customize the size and configuration of your environment, and consume resources without data lock-in.  Powered by VMware, PvDC allows businesses to simplify troubleshooting, patching, and change management.

Managing Resources with Ease

With VMware vCloud Director and vCloud Connector through PvDC, your company will immediately benefit from the next generation of virtual data center capabilities – a true hybrid cloud experience.  By utilizing VMware vCloud Connector, the process of moving workloads between virtual environments is simplified.  vSphere administrators can easily manage resources in their familiar vCenter management console.  


Portal Overview



Portal Compute


Getting Connected with Ease

With vCloud Director, you can move workloads between PvDC and your private VM environment in a secure manner. vCloud Connector allows current VMware customers to view and manage their current VMware environment (their private cloud) and PvDC’s VMware-based hybrid cloud resources in their existing vSphere Client control panel, making the transition to PvDC even easier for existing VMware administrators.

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Making the Move to the Cloud

The cloud offers a variety of ways for organizations to run their business operations and control their data in a way that best suits their individual business needs.  Many factors go into a migration decision and it's best to know as much information as possible about your environment before pulling the trigger.  Organizations in all industries are continuing to rapidly adopt the cloud. The cloud undoubtedly unlocks benefits such as business efficiency reduced infrastructure costs1 and mitigates the risks of data loss. Learn the issues that need to be considered when comparing your on-premise datacenter resources vs. utilizing cloud services.

Cloud vs. On Prem eBook
6 R of Cloud migration

          Net3's IaaS Key Features and Benefits:

• Pay as you grow pricing
• Secure multi-tenant environment
• Enterprise-level
network connectivity
• Self-managed DHCP, NAT and firewall services using
vCloud Director and vShieldTM Edge Technology

• Load balancing options for high traffic servers
• RESTful API to enable developer access
• Auto-tiered storage
• Built-in high availability and fault tolerance
• Dynamic processor and memory allocation

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Our Mission for our Customers:

To be confident in all aspects of their business strategies.  To be confident in Net3 Technology.
To be overall, Cloud Confident.

Migrating to the cloud is easy with Net3 Technology.  Working with your resources in Net3's cloud has never been easier.  For IaaS, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Net3 is a true cloud partner.
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