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Advanced Disaster Recovery with Acronis
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Complete Protection and Recovery in 1 Solution.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is the only solution that unites cybersecurity, data protection and management to protect endpoints, systems and data. Its integration and automation powered by machine intelligence eliminates complexity. Being prepared for any disaster is necessary for your business, but what are the costs, and why Net3 Technology? Building a disaster recovery site, training your IT team, and purchasing the necessary equipment can take a heavy toll on your budget, not to mention the expenses that go along with disaster recovery planning, implementation and testing. 

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Advanced DR with aCronis

Expect the unexpected. Ensure your business has the resilience to keep running...

Disasters and cyberattacks are no longer a matter of "if", but rather "when" they will occur. Is your business ready for the inevitable? For many, the answer is at best "maybe". Your business needs to keep operations up and running; no matter what the situation. Simple daily backups are no longer enough to ensure your business can keep systems up and running in the event of disaster. If disaster does strike, how can you ensure that your business and its technology has the resilience to protect data and able to recover quickly? 

Do the numbers: What is the true cost of downtime?

The impact to your business from unexpected downtime is immeasurable. Almost half of small to medium businesses that incur a major technology catastrophe never recover. There is no business immune from downtime, whether at the hands of Mother Nature, employee error, or a cybercriminal, downtime risks losing big money for your business. Consider these factors to calculate the actual downtime cost per hour for your business: 


If your business is down, no revenue is generated. Consider your company's gross annual revenue and calculate that per hour.

Lost Productivity

The cost of downtime increases when your employees are unable to work or are forced to perform non-revenue related activities.

Cost to Recovery

What data did your company lose while down? What services and employee time was required to recover all of the lost data? 

Intangible costs

Any damage to reputation or brand results in dollars lost. Downtime can cast an unrecoverable shadow over your business.

Acronis Advanced Disaster Recovery Highlights


Predictable and dependable business continuity

Minimize your business impact and achieve the fastest recovery from a disaster or cyberattack to mitigate data loss.


Malware-free recovery ensures successful recovery every time

Acronis' disaster recovery technology enables you to prevent reinfection by failing over to a malware free recovery point.


Flexible recovery - any system, any hardware, any environment

Decide where to recover your systems - to the same or different hardware, to a physical or cloud environment.


White-glove support with proactive 24/7/365 threat feeds

Acronis' dynamic view of real-time threat alerts most relevant to you allow us to mitigate any impact to you quickly.

Reasons to Leverage Acronis Advanced DR with Net3 Technology


Minimize interruptions

In the event of a disaster, even if it is completely unexpected, your business should be able to continue operating with minimal interruption.


Fulfill compliance

Many jurisdictions now have regulations in place that mandate disaster recovery planning for many industries, this solution achieves those compliance regulations.

acronis_dr_page_itgapsFill the IT skillset gap

Outsourcing to a trusted IT advisor, like Net3, for disaster recovery planning and solution build fills the gaps for IT skills shortages and controls costs.

acronis_dr_page_support24/7/365 Support

Net3 Technology provides each customer with a dedicated team of U.S. based Cloud Engineers who are able to provide support 24/7/365.

Achieve peace of mind

With Net3 DRaaS, powered by Acronis Advanced Disaster Recovery, you get complete peace of mind knowing you are safeguarding your data, employee productivity, and business. Our Disaster Recovery services enable outstanding business continuity and complete protection of your data with cloud backup and disaster recovery automation in a single solution for your business. We will establish, execute and support your business continuity strategy by replicating your systems, storage and all installed software onto an on-premises location and into one of our cloud data centers. If the worst happens, we can help to quickly reboot your systems - on your site or in the cloud - allowing you to continue to provide IT services to your employees and to your clients. Our services help you plan, implement and secure your business with the most effective, next-generation technologies and expertise. Download this datasheet to learn more about Net3 DRaaS.

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Thorough Onboarding and Training

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Free Disaster Recovery Runbook

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Dedicated Team of Engineers

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Spin up in the cloud during a DR event

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24/7/365 US based Support

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Engineer Assisted DR Tests

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Unlimited Transactions to PvDC

Advanced Disaster Recovery

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud


A team of experts and a service you can trust

Our service team delivers the latest and most advanced capabilities to identify and minimize business risks and provides 24/7/365 protection against threats. Our business-focused collaborative service team tailors all your technology and security services to fit exactly to your business's needs. We put your business first and remain focused on your business goals .

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Net3 Technology Disaster Recovery
Runbook Template

This thorough 17-page DR runbook template serves as a clear set of instructions on how to respond to a disaster event in a quick and efficient manner. Download your custom blueprint on how to recover quickly and efficiently from a DR event.