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IT Downtime Calculator

How much data can your organization afford to lose?


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Downtime may cost your business more than you think.

The question is no longer IF your business will be faced with a disaster, but WHEN your business will face a disaster. The implementation of a Disaster Recovery Plan is critical to minimize essential data loss, maximize productivity & efficiency, and to ensure uptime. Businesses today are all at risk of ransomware, natural disasters, or simple human error. 

Ask yourself, do you know exactly how much an outage could cost your business if faced with an IT disaster? 

Calculate the true cost to your business in the event of an outage. Our downtime calculator is powered by Zerto - our Disaster Recovery Solution. Utilize this tool to gain insight into your business impact now! 


Net3 Technology DRaaS Features:

  • Continuous Data Protection
  • RPOs of Seconds & RTOs of Minutes
  • Non-disruptive DR Testing
  • 2 Free DR Tests Per Year
  • Customized DR Runbook 
  • 24/7/365 Support From Net3 Cloud Engineers
  • Ransomware Recovery Using Granular Checkpoints
  • Automated Recovery & Migration Process
  • Option to Replicate To Our Cloud, PvDC, as an Additional DR Site

Need help calculating the true cost your business would face with downtime?

Use the calculator on the right to see how much a minute, hour, and week of downtime would cost your business - in real time!

Ready to start planning your Disaster Recovery Strategy? 

Speak to one of our Certified DR experts and learn more about how you can improve your DR strategy & protect your business.

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