RPO vs RTO: How to Maximize Recovery [Free Downtime Calculator]

All organizations are at risk of facing disaster, whether its ransomware, human error, natural disaster, etc. The need for a thorough Disaster Recovery Plan has never been more vital. Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives are the foundation of every disaster recovery plan to minimize essential data loss, maximize productivity, and to ensure uptime. Do you know exactly how much an outage could cost your business? This blog explores the difference and importance of investing in low RTO’s and RPO’s.

Cloud vs. On Prem

Determining the Value of Applications to Your Business

We are continuing to lay the proper groundwork for determining a meaningful cost comparison between the cloud and your On Premise resources. We last discussed finding your current infrastructure costs and how to determine your applications’ true resource requirements: Finding Your Current Cost and the Pitfalls That Inhibit You from Finding It. Moving forward, let’s determine the business value of your applications. In order to determine this, many questions must be asked. Most importantly, it’s the people who are answering these questions that will create a true picture of each application’s value. These answers are not solely given by IT but are found with the business owners or units that require the application.  We’ve been amazed by the number of IT Managers/Directors that can’t tell which apps are mission critical and even which line of business is the most critical. Today, both business drivers and IT need to be on the same page. They need to think of the big picture and work towards the business goals together.

Part 2: How to Achieve Symmetry within DevOps

We’ve discussed the challenges and complex problems DevOps encounters in an asymmetric environment, so let’s flip the script and discuss the efficiencies and improvements a symmetric environment can offer in DevOps. Before we do that, let’s review DevOps again and the definition of symmetry.



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