Overcome 6 Common Migration Errors


Cloud migration is the process of a business moving some, or all of its data to the cloud. Moving data to the cloud offers many benefits such as cost savings, flexibility, increased security, and scalability. However, the process of moving data from on-site infrastructure to the cloud is a complex process and comes with risks. Below are 6 common migration errors and how Net3 Technology can assist SMB's to successfully and seamlessly move to the cloud. 

Does the Cloud Really Offer Cost Savings?

With the new year, it’s common to re-evaluate current business processes and technologies.   We are talking to more and more companies that are thinking about moving to the cloud and we know it can potentially be a big move.  Businesses need the right technology, the right migration path, the right execution and support for successful implementation and use. In addition, business owners are also looking at the cost  - which always poses the question:

Is moving to the cloud the right move financially?

Cloud vs. On Prem Cost Comparison


Finding Your Current Cost and the Pitfalls that Inhibit you from finding It

MazeMoving to the cloud is all we hear these days and Sales Reps love to throw “cost savings” to the Powers That Be in order for cloud migration to happen. In the ever fast paced IT world, decisions have to keep up with this pace and it’s difficult at times to really know (and calculate) the impact a decision makes on your cost savings. Migration to the cloud is one of those decisions.



About Net3 Technology

Net3 is a leading Cloud Services Provider.  We own and operate PvDC Cloud, which is located both on the East and West coasts. 

Nationwide, Net3 provides clients with customized cloud solutions for Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Production.  Our Cloud Services encompass discovering the right cloud platform for businesses, planning and migration, and day to day cloud management for peak performance.