Net3's Disaster Recovery Checklist

A 4 Step Guide for your Disaster Recovery plan

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True Disaster Recovery is taking data from one site to another where it will be safe and separate from the event you encounter. There are many factors that separate a great DR plan from good one such as infrastructure, cloud provider, replication technology, cost, etc.  Though every business prioritizes their plan differently, this checklist is essential to make sure your DR plan is the best it can be for business continuity:

Build the Case for Business Resiliency

Zerto and Net3 Partner to Protect your Business

Hundreds of thousands of organizations around the world leverage virtualization technologies to deliver their IT services and applications on scalable and efficient platforms.  Regardless of the virtualization platform, the same key challenges of implementing a complete business continuity plan and disaster recovery strategy for virtualized applications remain.

DR: Just another bill or is it something more?


Insurance – the act of insuring, or assuring, against loss or damage by a contingent event. (Webster Dictionary)

paybills in the cloud

We’re all used to buying insurance: home, car, life, and the list goes on.  In business, we insure our data with backups and disaster recovery against power outages, fires, hurricanes, and the employee that just happens to make a wrong click in the wrong spot.  We pay insurance for the event that we hope never happens, and when you think about it, it’s basically a sunk cost until you need it - praying you never do.  That brings up the question:

Is your Business Evolving? Are you sure???

“It’s evolve or die, really, you have to evolve, you have to move on otherwise it just becomes stagnant.” Craig Charles.Blackberry Phone Image

This quote by the famous British actor Craig Charles has never rung more true than in today’s business landscape. The battlefields are littered with so many examples where businesses refused to keep up and evolve. When is the last time you went to rent a movie at a Blockbuster, used a Blackberry device, mailed a letter at the Post Office, or even taken a taxi? It’s a Netflix, iPhone, Email, Uber kind of world out there. This same type of evolution is taking place in your datacenter whether you want to admit it or not.
Most people want to be out of the server business not because they have fallen out of love with their equipment, but because this model simply cannot keep up.

Cloud Valet enhances DevOps teams nationwide

Using Cloud ValetTM, Customers can now slash cloud costs.

GREENVILLE, S.C. – March 16, 2016Net3 Technology, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based managed services and data center platforms, giving customers individualized assessments to ensure companies are provided with the most effective solution, today announced its release of its Cloud ValetTM, a single-purpose SaaS tool within the PvDC Management Portal that enables users to automatically schedule on/off times for their virtual servers.  Cloud ValetTM is an invaluable tool for development projects or temporary workloads and helps ensure that unattended resources are not left running, resulting in unnecessary charges.  A free tool for all Net3 customers, Cloud ValetTM allows businesses to verifiably reduce cloud computing costs by paying only for the resources that are actually used when needed.



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