What is Recovery Preparedness?

As a CSP, we speak daily about disaster recovery and over the years we have seen many definitions to what Disaster Recovery means to different people.  Not every business is going to need to recover the same way, but Net3 has universal steps and actions that can be taken to better prepare for a DR event.   In the past, we have given a 4 step guide for your DR plan, but let’s dig deeper into was it really means to be prepared.   

Which Backup Product do I choose?

As a CSP, we answer this question daily.  And we always answer the question with the question: 

“What do you want to accomplish with your Backup Product and Disaster Recovery plan?” 

For this article, we are not going to list all the Backup/DR products in the market today with an evaluation for each one.  There isn’t a need to do that as we have done our due diligence through research and testing and have narrowed the field to 4 products that offer secure, reliable recovery at very reasonable price points. 

Village of Pinecrest Chooses Net3 for Ransomware Protection

The Village of Pinecrest is an affluent suburban municipality home to approximately 19,000 residents located south of the beautiful Downtown Miami. So with “Crippling ransomware attacks targeting US cities on the rise”, the Village of Pinecrest thought it was time for reliable ransomware protection.

Why the Cloud is a Good Option

First and foremost, when it comes to backups and disaster recovery– we always recommend the 3-2-1 rule.  Whatever may happen: ransomware, disaster, equipment craps out, etc. – a copy of company data should be off site.  This means either building or renting a duplicate datacenter at a different location, OR utilizing the cloud. 

Over Usage of vCPU

Did you know?

Assigning more vCPU’s to a VM may not necessarily increase CPU performance of a VM.   Here are some best practice recommendations.

  • Start with one vCPU per VM and increase as needed.
  • Do not assign more vCPUs than needed to a VM as this can unnecessarily limit resource availability for other VMs and increase CPU Ready wait time.
  • Performance degradation may occur on multiprocessor VMs in which the number of vCPUs was greater than the number of vCPUs in a NUMA node. Generally, try to keep multiprocessor VMs sized so that they fit within a NUMA node. In PvDC this would be (1, 2, 4, 6, and up o 8vCPU).


About Net3 Technology

Net3 is a leading Cloud Services Provider.  We own and operate PvDC Cloud, which is located both on the East and West coasts. 

Nationwide, Net3 provides clients with customized cloud solutions for  IaaS, Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery, Cybersecurity, and Ransomware Protection.  Experience the freedom of choice by utilizing Net3's PvDC Cloud for where you want to your data to go, easy resource management, and flexibility of cost.