Cloud vs. On Prem: The Disadvantages of the On Prem pricing model

We have finally arrived to where we have been working towards. The Apples to Oranges conversation around pricing models that so many of us discuss but hardly know the honest advantage one can give over the other when we get down to the brass tacks of your unique environment. To date, we have given you the resources to determine your current technical requirements and the questions to ask in order to determine your application’s business value. (If you have no idea of what we are talking about, read our latest and greatest blogs at Net3 Blog) We have done all of this so you can have a detailed execution plan for your compute resources moving forward.* With this groundwork laid out it is now time to compare pricing for the Cloud vs. On Prem.

Cloud vs. On Prem

Determining the Value of Applications to Your Business

We are continuing to lay the proper groundwork for determining a meaningful cost comparison between the cloud and your On Premise resources. We last discussed finding your current infrastructure costs and how to determine your applications’ true resource requirements: Finding Your Current Cost and the Pitfalls That Inhibit You from Finding It. Moving forward, let’s determine the business value of your applications. In order to determine this, many questions must be asked. Most importantly, it’s the people who are answering these questions that will create a true picture of each application’s value. These answers are not solely given by IT but are found with the business owners or units that require the application.  We’ve been amazed by the number of IT Managers/Directors that can’t tell which apps are mission critical and even which line of business is the most critical. Today, both business drivers and IT need to be on the same page. They need to think of the big picture and work towards the business goals together.

Cloud vs. On Prem Cost Comparison


Finding Your Current Cost and the Pitfalls that Inhibit you from finding It

MazeMoving to the cloud is all we hear these days and Sales Reps love to throw “cost savings” to the Powers That Be in order for cloud migration to happen. In the ever fast paced IT world, decisions have to keep up with this pace and it’s difficult at times to really know (and calculate) the impact a decision makes on your cost savings. Migration to the cloud is one of those decisions.

Cloud vs. On Premise: Laying the Groundwork for a Cost Comparison


It feels like everyday we see one statistic after another about how many businesses are migrating to the cloud, or strategizing to migrate to the cloud, or thinking about strategizing to migrating to the cloud. These numbers get larger and larger as the years are tacked on and only time will tell if these predictions are right. But today, we can only control what is in the NOW.

The Test-Dev Environment - Full Circle

Yes, this is the exact title we used to start this blog series and we found it fitting to use it again for our conclusion. We are bringing you back back full circle to where we began. Through this series we’ve discussed:



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