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Data is the lifeblood of a business and it’s up to IT Departments to keep it accessible and protected. With the ever-changing landscape networks, storage growth, the current (and intense) focus on security, and more professionals working from home - there are many challenges that IT professionals can face.

Below you can find common backup challenges and Net3's solution to overcoming them. 

7 Common Backup Challenges 
  1. Backing Is Boring 
    Net3 Solution: We offer fully managed backup systems to make it less boring and more easily managed. 

  2. Planning Sucks 
    Net3 Solution: We offer a white glove approach to onboarding, along with DR runbooks to assist customers with the implementation and planning of a solid DR plan. 

  3. Testing Is Hard 
    Net3 Solution: With Zerto and Acronis, we can perform non-interruptive failover and recovery tests in minutes. With no downtime, you can spin up in minutes to verify recovery. 

  4. Ransomware Is Scary
    Net3 Solution: Acronis provides multiple protection layers to protect running workloads against ransomware from day zero. Zerto allows rollback in minutes to ransomware-free restore  points that can be vetted prior to committing. 

  5. End Users Are Loud 
    Net3 Solution: Acronis has built in performance throttles that can reduce the amount of service tickets you are seeing. 

  6. Where In Tarnation? 
    Net3 Solution: Acronis solves the issue of endpoint backup but running a data protection scan on and endpoint. This will identify all locations that contain file extensions we care about. Once the location is identified, Acronis alerts us if it is not within the backup scope and prompts us to protect that location. 

  7. Why Is This Taking So Long? 
    Net3 Solution: Zerto DRaaS to our cloud, PvDC, never touches backup storage; everything is stored on production level disks that provide the IOPs needed for your workloads. Additionally, you are able to customize what kind of storage the recovery disks are on. 

At Net3, we assist each customer find the right backup and disaster recovery product that is right for the business. If you have any questions about Acronis Cyber Cloud Backup or Zerto for Disaster Recovery,  please contact us at or Request More Info to start a discussion with a Net3 Representative today.