About Us

Net3 is a leading Cloud Services Provider, headquartered in Greenville, SC.

We own and operate PvDC Cloud, which is located on the East and West coasts, and offer customized cloud services nationwide.



Net3 Cloud Backup/Disaster Recovery

Net3 provides clients with customized cloud solutions for Backup & Disaster Recovery. Giving elite customer service, each customer receives a dedicated team of Net3 Cloud Engineers from on-boarding through the length of their contract.

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Net3 Cloud Agnostic Services

Our Cloud Agnostic Services encompass discovering the right cloud platform for businesses, planning and migration, and day to day cloud management for peak performance.  The cloud platforms we cover are AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and our own, PvDC Cloud.

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Want to get out of your datacenter all together?  Check out PvDC for Production Services.  Deploy and utilize pre-configured infrastructure and applications with just the click of a button. With pay-as-you-grow pricing, receive a secure, multi-tenant environment that offers enterprise-level network connectivity.

Net3 focuses on development and innovation, providing customers with personalized support and services to ensure every client gets the service and solutions that best fits their needs.


For more information about how we can help, Request More Info and a Net3 representative will be happy to speak with you!