Who is Net3?


Net3 Technology is a leading Cloud Services Provider, giving customers the best-in-class IT service management and cloud-based solutions in the most cost-efficient, fast and reliable manner.
By utilizing Palmetto Virtual Data Center (PvDC) by Net3, companies now have the ability to deploy, scale and self-service its’ most critical business applications and processes in the Cloud without being locked into processes required by other Service Providers.

Net3’s Palmetto Virtual Data Center, developed on VMware vCloud Director, is a first class service that ensures security, compliance, speed and scale, effectively leveling the playing field for businesses wanting to more effectively manage IT spends while increasing business resiliency. The company’s customized solutions ensure clients are able to add services in minutes, whereas competitors can take hours. PvDC tailors its solutions to each customer to solve many of the complexities around Test/Dev, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, File Mobility and scalable production environments.

Net3 focuses on development and innovation, providing customers with big business support and services with a small company personalized approach, and ensuring every client gets the service and solutions that best fits its IT infrastructure needs.