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[WEBINAR ON DEMAND] Top Cyberthreats for 2023:  What you should know, how to react, and how to prevent
Net3 Technology and Acronis discuss the top Cybersecurity threats for 2023. Based on research from Acronis Cyberthreat Research, Verizon data breach Report, Surfshark, IBM and others, this webinar will address what you should know, how to react to such threats, and better yet, how to prevent them from crippling your business.

Top Cyberthreats for 2023

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How to manage tenant accounts in Veeam Cloud Connect (13 minute video)

In this how to video, Veeam experts are going to discuss how to manage tenant accounts in Veeam Cloud Connect. It’s important to know that communication in the cloud is carried out between two parties: Service Provider (SP) on one side and tenants on the other side. The SP is an organization that provides cloud services to tenants: Backup as a Service (Veeam Cloud Connect Backup) and DisasterRecovery as a Service (Veeam Cloud Connect Replication). The tenant is an SP customer who wants to copy data off site, store backups in a cloud repository or create VM replicas on a cloud host on the SP side.

Managing Tenant Accounts


The Cost of Ransomware ( 1 hr video)

Cybercrime expert Eric O’Neill talks about the surging malware threat that is ransomware. O’Neill draws on his background and discusses:

  • How ransomware became the world’s single largest security incident threat and what businesses need to know to prevent these attacks 
  • The lessons to be learned from recent widespread ransomware epidemics
  • A practical strategy in policies, procedures and top technologies to defeat ransomware

The Cost of Ransomware

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Defeat the Risks of Ransomware - Recover in minutes, at scale (40 minute video)

As cybercriminals keep finding new ways of compromising your applications, Zerto continues to develop enhanced capabilities designed to help you recover from ransomware attacks with ease. In this live session you will hear about the release of new Zerto capabilities and enhancements.

Watch On Demand

Net3 News and Announcements

If you are local to Greenville, SC and are an IT professional that is interested in attending one of our events, please contact us for more information and reserve your spot!

  • January 25th:  Brews and Backups @ Think Tank Brew lab
  • February 22nd: Bowling @ Sparetime
  • April 8th: Tunnel to Towers 5K Event
  • April 12th: Greenville Drive Baseball Game
  • June 30th: Movie Night @ Camelot Theatres
  • July 20th: Greenville Drive Baseball @ The Rooftop
  • August 16th: Bowling @ Sparetime
  • September 2nd: Clemson vs. Wofford Football Tailgate
  • October 26th: Pumpkin Carving @ Think Tank Brew Lab
  • December: Mixology? date and place TBD

Latest Resources

Cloud Protection Trends for 2023

In late 2022, an independent research firm completed their survey of 4,200 unbiased IT leaders and implementers on a variety of data protection drivers, challenges and strategies. This broad-based market study on unbiased organizations across 28 countries is conducted annually on Veeam’s behalf to...
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Microsoft 365 Backup

How to ensure your Microsoft 365 data is backed up.

Chances are, right now you have a Microsoft 365 application open.  Over 1 million companies around the world rely on the suite of Outlook, OneDrive, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams on a daily basis.  They're...

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2023 Cloud Security Trends eBook


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A Cybersecurity Toolkit

Cybersecurity is at an all time high.  43% of businesses hit with ransomware never re-open and 29% close within 2 years.  With AI, it's extremely difficult for IT teams to stay ahead of cyber threats and it's even more difficult to keep employees informed of what to look for.  This Cybersecurity...

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Implementing Cybsecurity: A Checklist for SMBs

When it comes to cybercrime, today’s small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are an easy target. Budgets and staffing are limited, and finding the right skilled people is difficult. Many opt to rely on a managed service provider (MSP) to administer their IT needs and keep their workloads and systems...

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The Latest Blog Posts

Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity

Although Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are sometimes used interchangeably, they are two distinct and different processes. Disaster Recovery (DR) is the immediate recovery of IT systems in the event of a disaster or other unforeseen event. Business Continuity (BC) on the other hand, is a...

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What's in a Disaster Recovery Runbook?

Data security has always been at the forefront of a business, but with the latest, not to mention drastic, uptick in security breaches, it's more important than ever.   Testing data security and data recovery is HUGE for a business.  Testing your disaster recovery plan helpsdetermine the critical,...

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Cybersecurity Best Practices: A Toolkit

Preparing for cyberthreats is one of the main challenges businesses face today. Large organizations have more resources, funds, and personnel at their disposal, but the complexity and number of solutions increase the workload and vigilance for IT teams. Small to midsize organizations are often...

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Compare Cloud Computing to On Premise: Cost Pitfalls to Avoid

Finding your current cost and the pitfalls that inhibit you from finding it


Moving to the cloud is all we hear these days.  Sales Reps love to throw “cost savings” to Decision Makers when trying to compare cloud computing to on premise environments to prove the cloud is a better option.  In the...

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The Ultimate Solution for Data Protection: Immutable Storage

By now, everyone knows the importance of backing up your data. But with cybersecurity threats evolving and increasing, how can we ensure our backup data is secure? We rely on backups to keep our data secure in the event of a disaster event such as ransomware, human error, natural disasters, etc....

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Digital Trust: Thrive in a Disruptive World

Digital Trust is a make or break for your business

In today’s digital world where most business is done online and data breaches are becoming more common, digital trust has become a valuable commodity for those companies that earn it. This phenomenon – where trust has become the currency of which...

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