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Security, Email Security, & EDR Managed Services

Heightened security with decreased responsibilities.

With more than 60% of breaches involving some form of hacking, businesses are now turning to advanced security solutions and providers to help combat today’s sophisticated threat landscape. Let us introduce Net3 Technology's Security, Email Security, and End Point Detection + Response Managed Services powered by Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

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Security and EDR

Endpoint Detection, Security, & Response

Ensure Business Continuity.

Net3 simplifies endpoint protection by rapidly detecting, analyzing, and remediating advanced attacks while ensuring unmatched business continuity. Businesses can eliminate the cost and complexity of multiple-point products by enabling Net3 to manage data security through all stages of the NIST framework.   Utilizing Acronis, Net3 provides holistic endpoint protection and business continuity, aligned with established industry standards such as NIST. Net3 will identify vulnerable assets and data, proactively protect them, detect and stop any threats, and respond to and recover from attacks.

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Know what you have to protect and investigate.  Identify HW inventory and discover unprotected endpoints.

Protect EDRProtect

Keep data safe with vulnerability assessments. Protect against analyzed attacks with proper security configuration.

Detect EDRDetect

Continuous monitoring of emerging threats through AI and ML-based behavioral detection protects business data.

Respond EDRRespond

Rapid incident analysis and forensic backups help remediate threats via isolation - killing processes in their tracks.

Recover EDRRecover

Achieve seamless and rapid data recovery with leading backup and disaster recovery solutions. 

Special EDR Capabilities

Net3 can monitor your environment and automatically correlate endpoint events, prioritizing suspicious event chains through incident alerts.  Simplify endpoint security by having Net3 rapidly detect and remediate advanced attacks while ensuring unmatched business continuity. Eliminate the cost and complexity of multiple-point products and enable your team with one complete cyber protection solution that is simple to manage and deploy.  With an increased reactiveness to threats, leveraging AI-based interpretations of attacks, Net3 will be able to provide information about the following:

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 How the attacker got in
 How they hid their tracks
 What harm it caused, and how
 How the attack spread

Email Security Managed Services

Protect your business's email from any attack.

Email is the most critical business communication tool and the leading attack vector for security breaches. Net3 helps you plan, implement and secure your organization with the most effective next-generation technologies and expertise. Net3's Email Security Managed Services provide the most comprehensive protection against a multitude of email threats.

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Secure Microsoft 365, Google Workspace + more against advanced threats.

Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or Open-Xchange account takeover through credential phishing is one of the top three most common email threats.  Net3 will protect you against phishing attempts to seize your employees’ credentials and monitor these email accounts for any suspicious behavior that could be a sign of compromise to mitigate any open security gaps in your mailboxes quickly.

Microsoft 365
Google Workspace

+ Many more cloud-based and on-premise options

Simplify Your Security Today

Prevail where point solutions fail.

Organizations need advanced security controls to combat today’s cyber threats. But unfortunately, most EDR and security solutions capable of countering these threats and risks are too complex and costly to operate.  Leverage the expertise of Net3's Security, Email Security, and EDR Managed Services and receive:

       Managed Detection and Response to Security Incidents
       URL Filtering and Management
       AI-Based E-Mail Filtering and Account Takeover Prevention
       Exploit Prevention
       Next Generation anti-malware and anti-ransomware

Next Steps

Net3 Technology is a leading Cloud Services Provider that offers Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Cybersecurity, and Ransomware Protection.  Our mission is for customers to be confident in their business strategies, confident in their data protection, and overall, be cloud confident.  #cloudconfident

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