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Every machine, application, database, etc. is important to business operations.  BUT, not every machine, application, and database needs to be up and running immediately after a DR event.  Because of this slower recovery time objective, Net3 provides Acronis and Veeam for reliable backup and disaster recovery.   Being top notch backup products for both onsite and to the cloud, the recovery process is not only easy with Acronis and Veeam, they are also very affordable. 

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Acronis and Veeam are leading Backup/Disaster Recovery products that offer a wide range of recovery options such as files, folders, databases, O365, SQL, and more.  Each also offers customizable policies, secure onsite and cloud recovery, and encryption options.  With Net3, all customers have the ability to spin up their environment in our PvDC Cloud for true disaster recovery and with Recovery Preparedness, customers have a living DR Runbook that lists the recovery order for their environment. 


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