Knowing the cybersecurity landscape and preparing for cyberthreats is one of the main challenges businesses face today.  To combat these threats, both large and SMB's alike face challenges - some similar, some different.  Large organizations have more resources, funds, and personnel at their disposal, but the complexity and number of solutions increase the workload and vigilance for IT teams.  Small to midsize organizations are often limited by resources, funds, and personnel, making cyber protection a challenge on a less complex network. 

In order for businesses to select the best cybersecurity options and maintain cybersecurity standards, it's important to consider all the specific details.  For example, protecting employees in the office looks very different from protecting remote workers.  The IT 'coverage area' encompasses the network, endpoints, cloud, email, OS, applications, and possibly more.  With so many areas to protect, a business may need a number of solutions for a strong cybersecurity program.

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Developing a cybersecurity strategy