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Cloud Agnostic Management Services

Which cloud best supports your goals?

Net3's Cloud Agnostic Services helps you utilize the right cloud in the capacity that works best for your business. Reach your strategic business goals without the frustration, cost, and time of choosing the right cloud provider and managing it yourself. Check out or cloud service offerings below.

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Net3 Cloud Agnostic Packages

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Which cloud is best for my environment and budget? 
Get real analytics and total cost of ownership of your environment across cloud providers.  See different configurations of your environment in each cloud platform as well.  Think of it as your "go-to" cloud checker that provides the answers that will help you make the best decisions.

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Planning & Migration

Cloud migration made easy and more importantly, successful.
Transition from any on prem or cloud environment to the cloud of your choice with agility, speed, security and no disruption. Receive a tailored migration plan with highlighted risks and opportunities surrounding your existing technology along with detailed guidance through all migration phases.

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Ensure your environment is at peak performance at all times.
Continuous evaluation is paramount for peak performance.  Meet daily operational requirements and get the most out of your cloud set-up by receiving reports & recommendations spanning cloud providers. From analyzing billing reports to right-size planning, this is your Cloud Report Card.

Cloud Platforms We Cover

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Choose 1 of Net3's Cloud Packages - or utilize all 3. We work in conjunction with your in-house IT team and offer certified cloud engineer support throughout your cloud journey.  
By taking advantage of the benefits of IaaS, your in-house IT staff can now focus on business-critical applications vs. managing infrastructure.

Get the answers that really matter and the guidance you've always wanted.

For more information on Net3's Cloud Management Services, contact us and a Net3 team member will be happy to connect you with an in-house Cloud Certified Engineer.

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