It’s not whether if you “should” move to the cloud or “when” you move to the cloud, but WHY. A vast majority of enterprises are already moving to the cloud, but for smaller enterprise environments, or the SMB, the question of “why” is still being asked. Here is a great 90 second video from the experts at Zerto that discusses the 3 main advantages as to WHY business should take advantage of the cloud:


With technology, you are either moving forward in business or you are moving backwards.  Making the move to utilize the cloud doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes discussions with business ownership, research of backup/DR products and which cloud providers will offer the best Backup as a Service(BaaS)/DRaaS for your company needs. 

At Net3 Technology, we offer BaaS/DRaaS solutions in the most innovative and personalized way possible with top notch products. We are consultative in nature, putting the customer first and executing the exact plans desired.  We welcome the opportunity to show your business how our customized approach to the cloud might be the perfect “next step” in your company’s technology evolution. Contact us to set up an intro call to make your first move to the cloud.

Zerto Gold Partner badgeNet3 is a Gold Partner of Zerto offering unique recovery options and alternative pricing models.  Net3 offers flexibility by being able to support both Vmware and Hyper-V environments and can lease SCVMM as a service rather than buying the license out right - which is costly.  After a DR event, failing back to your On-Prem environment from Net3's cloud is the same effort and time as failing into the cloud – it’s fast. In most cases, this failover is faster than what an On Prem or 2nd DR site would provide