Don't let your data be Preyed upon...One of the most important assets to your company is your intellectual property, your data.

Often, it is taken for granted until it is gone: A Ransomware Strike.
How did this happen? Often ransomware infects your computer when you open an attachment in a dubious email or click a suspicious link on the web. Other forms need no human interaction and simply probe vulnerabilities on your perimeter network until they find a way in.

Ransomware is a huge problem if you are not prepared for it. Remember to stay vigilant. If something looks suspicious it probably is. It is better to delete something than risk opening it. Also, keep your computers patched with the latest updates from Microsoft, keep antivirus software updated, and maintain current backups - offline if possible. If you are infected, shut down immediately and contact us at 888-499-0862. We will be able to assist in finding the source of the incursion for remediation and restoration your backups.

If you want a Net3 Engineer to evaluate or re-evaluate your current backup solution, we’d be happy to take a look and assess any vulnerabilities your company may have. The last place you want to find yourself is in the position of having to pay a ransom. Contact us for more information or assistance at 888-499-0862 or

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