With O365 having its issues lately, it's good to have a backup.  Watch lead Net3 Acronis Engineer, Devon Stephens, show how Acronis can easily backup O365 and enable a successful file recovery.  Acronis is an extremely versatile backup solution that is affordable and fast to implement - typically within 30 days.



Visit Net3's YouTube Channel and see how easy it is to get started with Acronis and know that by working with Net3, customers receive:

• A dedicated team of Engineers for 24/7 support
• A Disaster Recovery playbook
• A thorough onboarding process that includes training on your new Backup/DR product.

In this Acronis video, Net3's Lead Cloud Engineer, Devon Stephens, walks you through how to effectively work with files and file recovery. Acronis is a versatile backup solution that is dependable and easy to use.  Learn more about Acronis and some of our favorite features of this product.

* To learn more about Acronis' products, here are some great videos from their YouTube Channel.