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Disaster Recovery as a Service

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It can happen without warning. One minute your system is up and running, the next it’s down for the count. Your company can lose time, money and critical data – not to mention important customers – unless you have a disaster recovery plan in place. Net3's Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offers a variety of cost-effective ways to replicate and recover critical servers and data center infrastructure quickly and efficiently, minimizing loss and downtime.

Net3 provides customers with reliable disaster recovery through an all encompassing program called

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• Tailored design services and consultations with cloud experts to determine the best technologies and support needed to execute the best DR model

• Customized DRaaS recovery playbook that documents all the process and procedures necessary

• Net3 certified cloud experts configuring your environment to the exact specifications desired on a per application basis

• Net3 cloud experts assisting you through the testing process
• Validation and documentation results

• 24/7/365 Support Line for real time support at any given moment
• Dedicated team of cloud engineers for each customer

• First in class on-boarding support
• Real time disaster support

Net3's Cloud, Palmetto Virtual Data Center (PvDC), provides secure, reliable, self-service VM recovery you can count on 24/7. 


What recovery time objective do you need?