Disaster Recovery as a Service

The Biggest Disaster is No Disaster Recovery Plan

It can happen without warning. One minute your system is up and running, the next it’s down for the count. Your company can lose time, money and critical data – not to mention important customers – unless you have a disaster recovery plan in place. Palmetto Virtual DataCenter’s (PvDC) Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offers a variety of cost-effective ways to replicate and recover critical servers and data center infrastructure quickly and efficiently, minimizing loss and downtime.  Utilizing PvDC’s cloud environment, DRaaS provides secure, reliable, self-service VM recovery you can count on 24/7.

That’s why more and more businesses trust PvDC for comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

Key DRaaS Features Include:

  • Flexible replication options, allowing continual replication of critical virtual servers
  • Application-consistent recovery points for key applications.
  • Pre-built recovery environments.
  • Fully managed server recovery, enabling uninterrupted operation in PvDC’s cloud environment during primary data center restoration
  • PvDC On Demand Reservation of Virtual Server Resources

DRaaS Replication Options:

DRaaS is available with multiple replication options, each leveraging your existing infrastructure while providing full managed and hosted recovery of your environment.

  • Utilizing some array based replications
  • For Actifio-powered data centers with managed Actifio 2nd Copy Appliances
  • Per VM replication strategies

DRaaS Technology Partners – Actifio,  Zerto, Acronis, and Veeam

Disaster Recovery You Can Count On

The  first big mistake companies make is thinking a disaster can’t happen to them. The second mistake is thinking that having system backup in place is enough. In an age where data is everything, you need a disaster recovery system that is comprehensive, reliable and positioned to get your key servers and applications back in service quickly and affordably. That’s DRaaS, from Palmetto Virtual DataCenter Solutions.