Stop Paying for Idle Cloud Services

Cloud ValetTM is a single-purpose SaaS tool within the PvDC Management Portal that is included for FREE to all PvDC customers and enables users to automatically schedule on/off times for their idle virtual servers. Reduce cloud computing costs by paying only for the resources you’re actually using.  Cloud Valet™ also includes the ability to “Stall” or temporarily suspend the action of a parking schedule to keep a running instance running or a stopped instance stopped longer.

By proactively parking idle cloud services, Cloud Valet™ can verifiably slash your cloud computing costs by 20% or more. For example, an organization spends $5,000 by running their data 730 hours/month.  Let’s assume 192 hours of the month (which is about 26%) are dedicated to “weekend” time where resources are not used (Saturday and Sunday).   If a schedule was created to “power off” for the weekends, this would save 26%, or $1,315/month.  This equates to $15,700/year in savings just by turning off on the weekends.

cloud valet-01


With just a few clicks, customers can unlock savings by optimizing the use of resources in the cloud.

Key features include the ability to:

  • Schedule groups of virtual servers – link back to virtual servers to turn On/Off
  • Temporarily suspend the action of a parking schedule and set resume dates/times
  • Schedule virtual servers on a common schedule – even across data centers
  • Set precedence
  • Set delay – For example: allowing plenty of time to come online before other servers

Reduce Your Cloud Bill by 20% or More 

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