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Net3’s Management Package looks into every aspect of your cloud environment: resource utilization, security and spend.  Meet your day to day operational requirements and get the most out of your cloud set-up by receiving Net3 cloud reports and recommendations spanning your cloud providers.



Right Size Resource Utilization
View a summary of key data statistics that include your CPU, network, memory and usage for both individual resources or your entire public cloud.  Net3 will manage your environment in the cloud provider of your choice to ensure your resources and configurations are meeting your business requirements.

Security and Compliance
Net3 will ensure your cloud environment’s security and compliance (HIPAA, FISMA, PCI, etc.) as well as mitigate risks through continuous monitoring and alerts.  Save time by allowing Net3 to track and manage your user permissions across AWS and Azure and unify logs (CloudTrail, VPC Flow logs, AWS Config, Azure Security, etc.) to reduce complexity.

Net3 will analyze your cloud set up and pinpoint your wasted or underused resources to keep your cloud spend at a minimum.  Receive itemized billing reports (daily, weekly, monthly) along with purchasing recommendations on where money can be saved.  Net3 will also provide great tips for best practices to keep your cloud environment optimized.


After you receive your reports and recommendations, a Net3 Cloud Engineer can carry out those actionable items and meet your deliverables.  As a full service cloud provider, we are committed to being your partner through the entire cloud journey.  You'll feel good knowing we won't leave you hangin'.


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Think of it as your Cloud Report Card.
From analyzing billing reports to "right size" planning, continuous evaluation is paramount for peak performance & optimal spend.


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