Net3 Planning & Migration Service

Seamless Planning & Migration to the Cloud

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Net3’s Planning and Migration Package encompasses everything you need for a successful migration to the cloud provider of your choice.   Transition from any on premise environment or even your current cloud environment to the cloud provider of your choice with agility, speed, security and with no disruption to the business.  


Your Cloud Migration Roadmap
Get the breakdown. Receive a detailed analysis of your environment’s performance in the cloud vendor(s) you are considering. Analyze network infrastructure, compute and storage resources, performance, availability, security, compliance and regulatory requirements.

          • All your business applications with their dependency details: firewall rules, client app DNS, CPU usage by application, etc.
          • A compatibility analysis of your applications and their dependencies in each cloud provider.
          • A cloud readiness assessment for each application based on size, complexity and platform portability.

With your roadmap, determine which applications can be grouped together for a smooth migration.  Do they have similar dependencies or similar business uses? Even group your apps and servers into migration phases.  Once you know how your applications will perform and have designed your specific migration plan, you’re ready for migration.

Migration with ease.
Net3’s Migration Service takes your migration plan and executes it with speed, accuracy and efficiency. View the settings and details for each application/server group to confirm it matches your migration plan, then view their migration status as your data set moves to the cloud. 


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It’s detailed planning with a smooth migration.
Every business application gets prioritized treatment in the cloud that suits them best.


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