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Net3 collects all your business requirements in relationship to your IT environment and uses an comprehensive in-house analytics tool that lays everything out on the table.  The Discovery Report provides the exact information you need to know in order to choose the best cloud platform for your business, within your budget guidelines.

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What are my costs involved with AWS, Google and Azure?

Based on your workload mapping, see your projected costs across each cloud provider so you can decide the best option for your IT environment and budget allowance. View an itemized breakdown for cost of compute, storage and network usage along with different pricing options: On-demand, pay as you go or sustained usage?

How will my environment run in AWS, Google and Azure?

Get the breakdown. Receive a detailed analysis of your environment’s performance in the cloud vendor(s) you are considering. Analyze network infrastructure, compute and storage resources, performance, availability, security, compliance and regulatory requirements.

What's the best cloud configured for me?

Net3 Cloud Engineers analyze your environment, usage characteristics and projections through Workload Mapping. Net3's Workload Mapping takes your system configurations and performance into account and incorporates them into AWS, Azure and Google as actual workloads. The Discovery Report shows estimated TCO for each cloud provider based on each configuration.

Cloud Platforms We Cover

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It's an objective assessment with a simple focus:

Match the right cloud provide to your specific IT environment and it's needs.
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